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Penelope's love and inspiration of fractals began right here in Dubai, on the beautiful sandy shores of the Palm Jumeirah. Always fascinated by nature and science, she began researching naturally occurring fractals in the two plants she is surrounded by, palm trees and aloe vera.

Intrigued to know more about how they grew and the golden ratio. She became fascinated with the science behind beauty, and realised that humans are seemingly programmed to enjoy geometry and the occurrence of fractals in nature, and can’t help but be drawn to them. 

She began to seek out other natural patterns in the local environment, and found them everywhere. In seashells, peacock feathers, the horns of an oryx, the wings of a falcon and the ripples of sand in the desert, even in the snowflakes at Ski Dubai.

Much like the Burj Khalifa was inspired by a desert flower, she wanted to include natural patterns within her own artwork. She taught herself about the work of mathematician Benoit Mandlebrot as well as the tessellations and geometry used in Islamic art and the surrounding designs within the UAE. Combined with her background in graphic design and roots as a Londoner, she created a fusion of Science and Art.

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