Square Leather Handbag


      Get the latest style made from 100% Nappa leather and handmade in the UK. With a choice of smooth or textured leather, our bags are made on demand from your choice of high-quality Nappa leather.

      These bags allow for hands free carrying, avoiding the responsibility of holding or placing your bag. The Nappa leather material is among the highest quality full-grain leathers, giving your bag a durability to stand the test of time. For a warm touch, the faux suede inner layer provides a soft encasing for your valuables, while the inner pockets keep you organised and secure. Instead of machine-making your bag we are determined to provide quality over quantity, that's why each bag is created by the skilled hands of our team of leather artisans.


      We've been at the top of the industry for over 15 years and have acquired an industry-leading reputation. As we continue to grow, we ensure that our practice keeps its roots in handcrafted items. Unlike many competitors, we continue to create by hand. Once your order has processed, our ethical printers print onto your choice of smooth or textured Nappa leather, before our team of leatherworkers cut, shape and stitch your bag to life, providing a level of attention and care not attainable with machines. This attention to detail is specifically evident in our hand-painted edges. The handle, zip pullers, zip and D ring tabs and base panel all have hand-painted edges to not only complete the sleek design, but in order to protect the leather itself.


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