Leather Keystraps


      Leather Keystrap by Penelope & Parker

      Each keystrap is carefully created with a slim strap of double butt leather and gold or silver metal work with a colourful multiple coats of edge paint carefully applied by hand.

      Our in-house team of leather artisans and seamstresses start by printing each design onto double butt leather using a specialist process to ensure high definition prints with beautiful, long-lasting saturated colours. 

      Then the leather is cut to shape and the edges are hand painted with multiple layers of paint for a beautifully bold finish. Our seamstresses then make the leather into a loop, stitch it together and add the metal work. 

      One last quality check and your keycstrap is ready to be sent directly to you.

      • Made using a double butt leather
      • Single sided design with plain inner loop
      • 1.7cm x 15.5cm
      • Carefully handmade to order in the UK

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