dog bed

The Dog Bed by Penelope and Parker

Give them the best pet bed ever. When visitors come they will marvel at the lashings of love you give to your dog with a dog bed made especially for them - and your dog will be super comfortable too. 


We have taken into account the fact that the bottom of the dog bed needs to be waterproof to stop spills from the floor or wetland creeping up the bed. No one likes a damp bed. We prevent that with a waterproof baseliner. The rest of the mat is not waterproof but can be washed and dried and remains breathable and comfy for your dog to lay on.

Large, Medium or Small Dogs

If you have a large dog, they need a large bed, so we have got a very special raised mat for them. One that will keep them warm and comfortable even if they are up to 40 kilos. So from Great Dane to Mountain Dog, these luxurious beds will do the trick. If on the other hand, you have a tiny dog we do not let them down either. In fact, the small raised pet mat for the petite dog makes them look like they are on a throne! All dog beds come with deep padding and waterproof base as standard.

Keeping Warm

One of the best things about our dog bed is that it keeps the cold from the floor from sapping the body temperature of your dog. Keep them warm with our insulating raised dog mat (at 8 cm deep). You can place it on a tiled floor, garden path, grass then wipe it off and bring it into the living room too. A very versatile dog bed ready for duty.


10 products

10 products