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The Colour Collection by Penelope and Parker

At Penelope and Parker we know that high quality luxury goods can be difficult to find. We understand the frustrations of fast fashion, which is why we sought out the highest quality materials and artisans to hand make our luxury fashion items. 
Here's how it works: browse our collection, select your luxury item, then sit back and enjoy the lasting quality with complete confidence in our money back satisfaction guarantee.

We believe that investing in any  item should guarantee quality, which is why we are against fast fashion. We focus on quality not quantity, we don't keep stock, or let any materials go to waste. Once ordered we spend our time crafting your luxury fashion items by hand and completely from scratch. Once your item has been crafted and quality checked we will send it out for delivery.

Browse our collections, create your order, then sit back and relax whilst we craft your goods. You relax in confidence that you did not waste money on fast fashion, you invested in high quality handmade, luxury fashion.

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