Clutch Bags


      This stunning clutch bag is available in either large or small and is made from a single piece of leather. Featuring a high-quality zip in gold or silver options, giving it a sophisticated and classic look. 

      Perfect for nights out or everyday use, our leather clutch bag is a great accessory whether you're grabbing a coffee or hitting the clubs, a custom leather clutch bag is a girl's best friend. 




      We use modern digital printing techniques which have been specifically designed for printing on leather to ensure our designs are long-lasting. This method bonds to the leather itself, making the print as strong as the actual material. This means that your leather clutch bag will last for years and years, through hundreds of cinema trips, thousands of coffee catch-ups and multiple dancefloor encounters.


      Once printed, the material is then cut to size and shape, based on the pattern that our expert in-house bag designer has created. Our expert seamstresses will stitch it all together complete with a zip puller.


      9 products

      9 products