Press Release June 5th 2021 | Penelope & Parker | A Unique Blend of Science, Art and Fashion

Penelope & Parker | A Unique Blend of Science, Art and Fashion

Fashion fanatics yearn for quality items, often seeking something a little more unique. Plugging a gap in the market, designers, Penelope & Parker have launched a boutique that provides a truly unique blend of science, art and fashion. Already making waves in the industry, Penelope & Parker not only create eye-catching designs, they also promise unrivalled quality in products designed to last a lifetime - an investment in fashion.

The science behind the art

Penelope & Parker’s work began with Penelope’s love for nature and science. First focusing on naturally occurring fractals in nature, Penelope became fascinated with the science behind beauty, stating that “Humans are seemingly programmed to enjoy the geometric occurrence of fractals in nature, we can’t help but be drawn to them”.

A never-ending pattern, and infinitely complex, fractals are created by a pattern repeating itself over and over. Initially inspired by snowflakes and the journey of tree producing branches over and over again, Penelope began exploring digital fractals inspired by mathematician Benoit Mandlebrot. 

Penelope & Parker continue to use a variety of computer generated equations to create their own fractal art, resulting in truly unique pieces of art and fashion. 

The creations

Penelope & Parker don’t just create vibrant artwork, they craft their designs into luxury fashion items. They have positioned themselves to provide each client with bespoke and art and fashion pieces that can’t be bought anywhere else. Penelope & Parker offer a range of exclusive luxury items for the jet set, fitness fanatics and art collectors alike. With items ranging from grand decorative art to sportswear, and much more.

A unique house of vibrant, luxury products, Penelope & Parker make no exceptions in the types of clients they can work with. Designs are created for bespoke use in private homes, hotels, restaurants and more.

To know more about Penelope & Parker, browse their collections on their website, on Instagram or send an email to their concierge at: