Where are your physical goods made?

The majority of our goods are custom made to order in London or Dubai by our team of artisans. We have bases in the USA, Europe, Mexico, Australia and Japan to ensure quality and efficiency.

How long will my order take for physical goods?

All orders take 1-2 working days to process. Our goods are all lovingly hand-made to order, quality inspected and then individually packed and shipped from their location. This should take on average 10 - 14 days. Our products are made with care, and are not rushed to compromise on quality. We appreciate your patience, and trust our craft.

What is a fractal?

It is a beautiful blend of nature, science, mathematics and art. It is a never-ending pattern. We use fractals such as the Mandelbrot Set, generated by a computer calculating an equation over and over. Look them up, you can be inspired by them in all types of naturally occurring places. They are truly fascinating.

Ours are made digitally using a variety of different software, formulas and a sprinkle of magic from Penelope, our professional designer.

Where are Penelope and Parker based?

London, Switzerland, Dubai and sometimes the USA. It depends if it’s ski season or beach time. The beauty of making fractals with a computer, is that they can be made from anywhere and of course it truly depends on where Parker and Penelope’s next mission leads them to!

What does Parker do?

He makes cups of tea and provides general amusement.

What does Penelope do?

What doesn’t Penelope do? She’s a master of all trades, who likes to remain behind the camera and out of the spotlight.

Seriously though, who is she?

Look hard enough darling, and you’ll find the information you need  - it’s not top secret ;)